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Dental Pediatrics FAQ

CHIP: Childrens Health Insurance Programs

Children need dental healthcare more so perhaps than adults and at times that are more critical, in consideration of developmental events that should occur without interuption or negative influences.

Originally created in 1997, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a state and federal partnership that provides low-cost health insurance coverage for children in families who earn too much income to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford to purchase private health insurance coverage.

States have considerable flexibility to establish income eligibility rules for CHIP, but children enrolling in the program must be otherwise uninsured.

50 States - CHIP in every State

Every state and U.S. Territory operates a CHIP program, although many states have unique names for their programs. Visit to learn more about your state’s programs.

Apply for CHIP Now

It's free. It's easy... and confidential. To get started, make a free call to 1-877 KIDS NOW (1-877-543-7669).

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