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Dental Health for Children: Fluoride

Common and Not So Common Facts

It is widely known and accepted that fluoride helps make teeth strong by hardening tooth enamel.

More and more metropolitan areas, large and small, add fluoride to tap water. In areas where tap water doesn't contain fluoride additives, many doctors will prescribe daily fluoride tablets when your child is about 6 months old.

As teeth begin to emerge, or erupt, many pediatric doctors and dentists will prescribe fluoride solutions that can be applied via a common tooth brush, right after the teeth are cleaned.

But (yes, there always are exceptions to the general rule), too much fluoride can be a bad thing. Excess fluoride can affect the appearance and cosmetic value of your child's teeth.

Consulting with your pediatric dentist or doctor about a prescribed supplement when it is known that your local tap water supply is already fluoridated... should be discussed.

Too much oral fluoride can cause stains on your child's teeth.

If supplements are being used.... and a home treatment is forgotten.... avoid the temptation to apply a double dose to make up for it.

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